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.somewhere a clock is ticking.
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[Bombs went off on Tuesday, June 6th at 1:06pm]
"That's okay, we love you anyways" - Ms. Rose to me today

...schweeeeeet! she likes me she really likes me!!!!

by the way, there really is an update to come- I swear0 it's on my computer (at home as we speak)

an evil scientist.

YOU KNOW YOU'RE A PRODUCT OF THE ZOO MAGNET WHEN... [Bombs went off on Tuesday, May 16th at 7:57pm]
-you can hear andrew lepore's retard mating call echoing through the campus...during the quietest part of class.

-you have never heard Monarch's tone change and it's never risen above only several decibles to begin with.

-you hear the newcomers refer to Ahmed as the crazy black guy walking on his head

-you have busted out into dance outside the sugar shack and battled with the black girls.

-you've referred to Tramel as "Jesus" or El Pollo Loco's "El Caliente"

-you know better than to approach Trammel as a freshman. Come on guys, when are you gonna learn?

-Borden buys you lunch.

-you've heard explicit dialogue coming from the mouths of Frank, Bevan and Aaron in Ms. Giron's class...directed at Ms. Giron.

-Frank has confessed his needy sexual desire for you everyday for a week.

-you don't dress for P.E. because "your bus was late"

-you've publicly dismissed yourself from Mr. Winnie's class to "CONFRONT Ms. Drapkin"

-You've been granted a Sir name from Borden such as "Lady Jane"

-you've read "Bevan bakes a Baklhava" and you know it well. In fact you probably remember the entire series "Bevan Bakes a Brownie, Bevan's Boxers etc...)

-Mangas and Anime novels are legitimate literary sources...and currency!

-you've taken a field trip...to the LA RIVER!...

-...you've fallen into the LA river...

-...you reeked of shit for a week.

-You've become very familiar with Andy Gump and Mr. Weinstein's exhileration thereof.

-you've become accustomed to Mr. Weinstein's cocatiel hair pube and his mannerisms.


-you had a cameo in Stereo High.

-you've seen Winnie fling desks...among other large inanimate objects.

-upon entering a bus you hear the phrase "Boob Jiggle!" shouted like "Timber" from the back.

-you've witnessed the massive 9th world wonder that is known as Wendy's ASS!

-and the 10th...her forehead

-you've come to terms with the fact that you're short, Mexican, violent and you play softball for the huskies.

-you've reffered to McManus as the Trash Nazi...and have had to stick your hand in the recycling bin more than once.

-you've been tempted to smell the flower pens in angie's office.

-you've taken a picture in toilet stall of the girls room a la Hollywood HoBag Vixie Voltage, and posted it on your myspace.

-you've witnessed punk rockers referred to as "Punkers" by fat nasty MexiGangsters.

-you've aced Owsley's class by teaching Owsley a thing or two in photoshop

-you've evacuated campus more than once on account of skunks.

-you've BSed some observations on a dumb giraffe to go eat Dip'N'Dots and watch the Bird show.

-you've snuck into the Elephant exhibit before opening hours

-you've had a free-day because no one could find the off-switch to the jingle music blasting for the christmas lights parade.

-you've gotten trashed with Thomas Jonas

-you've lived long enough to realize Thomas Jonas can get away with anything!

-you trade your home-brought lunch with Winnie

-Winnie has taken a bite out of your sandwhich, and you didn't mind.

-you've shared food with Monarch.

-you've handled Janainas boobs

-on the bus,you await "the bump!", and jump as high as you can upon approaching it and then laugh hysterically.

-you've played "My Penis is a Lesbian" for 20 minutes straight and its circled the entire bus by the time you get to NH.

-you refer to Alexis as Charlie

-you've seen Trammel danced...and you were impressed

-the classes are overrun with falcons cheetahs baboons guide dogs for the blind and PETA people on Earth Day

-our lunch menu often reads "PB & Y" and "Teriyake Deepers"

-you've lied to ms. vega, and felt bad.

-its "ok" to be late to certain classes

-you can find people playing basketball in the middle of class

-you know where the anime geeks hang out

- remember how emotional every one got when virginia left

- you know how to get ms giron not to teach

- have seen ms gilans camel toe

-been to yoga club

- taken a rat to school, for a class project

- going up to the zoo means a free period

-Your best friend can become your enemy

-You NEVER miss a fight

-you all know how to distract Mr. Borden from teaching a class.

-You know to take a sweater to Winnie's class coz it's always so cold!

- Know where the potheads smoke out

- You all BEG the teacher to let you go to the zoo

-You've gone to Winterball

-You know all the good make out spots at the zoo...haha

-You've heard Mr. Weinstein say the most perverted things yet he's the most proper teacher there.

-You've heard TONS of rumors about the students and teachers too!

-You've spread the rumor.

-Ms. Giron talks about her daughter ALL THE TIME.

-you are able to take your PET CROWS to class, and the teacher doesn't say anything even though they are cawing at the top of their lungs.

-you've seen GUYS wear eyeliner, mini-skirts, tubetops, and Cheerleading outfits all because they've been bought at the senior auction and are now someone's slaves

- you hear the word penis from the other side of campus and u automatically know its joana

...add to it, REPOST, and Send it to your friends. HAVE A LAUGH!
11 robots & an evil scientist.

[Bombs went off on Thursday, April 27th at 7:20pm]

.this journal is now friends only.
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