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111804's Journal

18 August
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♥_ neil _♥, 30 seconds to mars, :wumpscut:, a perfect circle, abadoned pools, adema, afi, alkaline trio, ancient egypt, apoptygma berzerk, aquabats, art, atmosphere, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, bass, bauhaus, beck, bella morte, billy talent, black rebel motorcycle club, bloc party, blue velvet, bob marley, body modification, bones, boston, brian deneke, brian eno, bright eyes, bullets and octane, cake, cars, cky, claire voyant, clavicles, concerts, cursive, damien rice, daphne loves derby, dave navarro, dinosaur jr, eagles of death metal, eazy e, elliott smith, eraserhead, fall out boy, finch, fischerspooner, foo fighters, frank sinatra, funeral for a friend, goodfellas, green, green tea, guns n roses, h.i.m., halloween, hawthorne heights, hoodies, horror movies, hot rod circuit, hot water music, incense, incubus, interpol, jack and sally, jack johnson, james dean, jamisonparker, johnny cash, joy division, korn, late night phone calls, led zeppelin, lions, love, madness, marilyn manson, mindless self indulgence, ministry, motley crue, motorcycles, movies, music, my chemical romance, nekromantix, new order, nine inch nails, nirvana, oasis, panic! at the disco, party monster, patrick wolf, phantom of the opera, photography, piercings, pink floyd, pixies, psychology, queen, radiohead, rob zombie, rocko's modern life, romeo and juliet, root beer, salem witch trials, savage garden, saves the day, senses fail, she wants revenge, slc punk, sleeping, snow patrol, stars, stellastarr, switchfoot, system of a down, tattoos, tears for fears, the adicts, the beatles, the birthday massacre, the cardigans, the clash, the crow, the cult, the cure, the decemberists, the distillers, the doors, the exies, the faint, the killers, the misfits, the nightmare before christmas, the psychedelic furs, the smiths, the specials, the stepfather, the strokes, the verve pipe, the vines, thursday, trainspotting, tsunami bomb, velvet goldmine, wakefield, white zombie, zeromancer